Natural Horse Care DK

For international ISNHCP students

This subpage is for English speaking ISNHCP students who wish to join a clinic in Denmark. Please contact the Danish NHC Practitioner directly. See dates in link below: 

If the use of the horse exceeds the ability of his hooves, then we are talking about abuse - not the necessity of shoes (Jaime Jackson).

The remaining of this site is in Danish. The platform conveys the essence of Jaime Jackson's 40 years of work with horses. His observations of wild free-roaming horses in the US Great Basin and his vast collection of empirical data have led to a whole new way of dealing with domesticated horses. Jaime Jackson is a trained farrier, but later in his career develops the natural hoof trim and crucial recommendations for the horse's stabling and feeding.

In addition, we promote the education Natural Horse Care Practitioner and the Four Pillars. We also have a large collection of frequently asked questions. All in Danish.